ANIMALKIGDOM (22) First Lesson Of Politics

ANIMAL KINGDOM (22) First Lesson Of Politics







Once a jackal went to the lion-king,

And told him in humble, polite tone,

"Your Highness,you are supreme king,

Emperor of forest,not one single zone.


Do not remain just primitive,rough, wild,

Please be civilised,ambitious,like the man,

Invite the neighbour lion-king for dinner,

Entertain,praise him,,as much as you can.


Forget wild law of jungle,roaring in vain,

Shrewd in politics,is always the winner,

Hug,and give warm welcome to the guest,

And mix poison in the food, for his dinner."


Then, jackal went to neighbouring king,

Whispered a secret in his ears,''O,lord,

Accept the dinner,but offer a return gift,

No wild- animal show,only play wild card.


Offer your host,a packet-delicious dish,

Mix strong poison to kill innocent king,

Yes, learn something from civilised man,

Before the foe flies high,cut his wing."


Both the lion kings met with each other,

 Love,affection,smile,courtesy-both side,

Dinner took place,gift cordially offered,

Due to poisonous food,both of them died.


Jungle was filled with shock and terror,

The jackal told lioness-in mournful voice,

"My fair lady!he is gone,I am with you,

May I propose-You--beautiful,lovely,nice."


The lioness just slapped jackal with force,

Jackal was thrown in mud, ten feet away,

He looked all around-nobody was seeing,

' Fair in love and war'--said, and went away.


Mud-covered jackal shook his head, smiled-

No hard feeling,no anger,nothing like insult,

Wild animals are fools,he is city-returned,

No reflection on face, is, polished political-cult.


He knew,jackals are in majority in the forest,

They will be the dominating super-creature,

Lions will remain in books-in past memories,

Animal-kingdom? Just animal-ward in future.


                                                 (C) keshavdubey









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  1. cusijaimeflores

    Aww, that’s cute

    May 20, 2017
    1. keshavdubey

      Thank you.

      May 20, 2017
  2. cusijaimeflores

    Your welcome

    May 21, 2017