ANIMAL KINGDOM (8) The Man Trapped



Friday, 30 October 2015

ANIMAL KINGDOM (8) The Man Trapped

Once while wandering in the forest,
A man fell down in a very deep pit,
He tried to come out,but in vain,
After all efforts,no trick could fit.

Many animals gathered there to see,
The nervous man,jumping inside,
Exhausted,puzzled,trying to escape-
But the pit was deep,smooth, and wide.

Animal- children enjoyed this scene,
They clapped,jumped,cried with joy,
''See- --look  inside--a creature there,
A strange thing,a MAN,a dancing toy!

A child beer told the little lion's son,
I have seen such creatures in the past,
My father had warned me in advance,
"See them,and run away very fast".

A tigress whispered in her friend's ear,
"Hi! how beautiful thing is,on his feet,
His face upwards,front feet in the air,
How lovable,how pretty,a thing to eat.

With mixed feelings of anger and fear,
The man inside,nervously stood at last,
As if, he was trapped in a cage,in a zoo,
Animals were viewing him,free of cost.

An old monkey came near the edge,
Started searching man's bag, laying there,
He found a mirror kept,inside that bag,
The monkey held it with utmost care.

The monkey saw his face in that mirror,
Walked,and came near the pit's edge,
Showed the mirror to the man  inside,
And said,"Good progress-- from my age". 

Then night darkened, animals went away,
The man tried again and again to rescue,
Finally, he came out, with a sigh of relief,
Thanking God,for him, this,life was new.

Next day,animal- children again came there,
They were expecting new show to witness,
Again that old monkey arrived and declared-
"The man escaped,using his tricks and fitness "

Next time, he will come, he will invade the forest,
This time, with guns,arms,traps,poison and fire,
He will then enslave you ,destroy you,kill you,
To conquer the world-to fulfil his sole desire.
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  1. tmar

    so true!

    November 01, 2015
    1. keshavdubey

      thank you.

      November 02, 2015
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