ANIMAL KINGDOM (7)Monkey-A Social Animal


Sunday, 11 October 2015

ANIMAL KINGDOM (7) Monkey-A Social Animal

It was a mini zoo in that small  town,
Far away from the crowded street,
Children went there to visit and enjoy,
And young pairs for holiday meet.

Their place of choice was an old cage,
Where an old,lonely, monkey was kept,
This monkey never sat,never took rest,
Always walked,non-stop,from right to left.

Children laughed and called-'mad monkey'
Tried to disturb him by all possible means,
The monkey did nothing except walking,
And never paid attention to adults and teens.

He was walking there since long past,
All zoo-staff knew his strange habit,
They all had seen him since long past-
And had never seen him relax,never to sit.

One night,when  the guard was drunk,
He did not bother to close the cage-door,
Monkey made a plan to escape and run-
-Thinking and walking fast,on the floor.

He opened the gate and came out,
He ran rapidly in dark, dense forest,
There he saw a group of monkeys,
He stopped as,he was unwanted guest.

They were jumping here and there,
Reaching up to the peak of the hill,
This monkey tried to jump in vain,
He was shocked,and just stood still.

Unable to jump like other monkeys,
He could not climb the high rock,
Years in prison had made him inert,
He could walk walk,and only walk.

All the other monkeys neglected him,
As if, he did not exist-he was not  there,
They played,jumped,and went away,
To call them to stop-he could not dare.

Nervous and helpless,he stood there,
His group,his mates had left him alone,
He came to the cage,closed the gate,
As usual,started walking, in dark-zone.

Poor monkey did not read social-science,
That there is very long,long- long interval-
He is the ancestor of human race-the man,
Therefore,' monkey is a social animal'..
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