ANIMAL KINGDOM (6) Mr. Gentleman Dog

man behavior reflected in the mirror of animal kingdom


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

ANIMAL KINGDOM(6) Mr. Gentleman Dog


(6)Mr. Gentleman Dog
His master was a perfect gentleman,
Who was a respectable man of the town,
Both of them went for morning walk,
The dog in chain,the master in silken gown.

The master trained him by all means,
All etiquette,all manners, rules, were taught,
Under the guidance of expert dog-trainer,
He tried with patience, and learned a lot.

The dog was prompt, in jump and race,
He caught the ball thrown with force,
He could run with the power of bullet,
He passed all his dog-training course.

His master wished  him to be unique pet,
A dog,with all qualities of the mankind,
A civilized dog,with polished behavior,
A dog in animal figure,with human mind.

He welcomed a guest by shaking head,
Showed table-manners to surprise all,
Only dancing tail,and no roar,no bark,
One leg's salute, to the master's call.

But once this happened in routine life,
Some robbers jumped inside, in the night,
They tied-up the master,started beating,
The helpless master was unable to fight.

With pain and panic he cried for help-
 The gentle 'tiger' stood on his two legs,
Saluting the robbers,with straight back.

The robbers grabbed jewels and money,
They walked out with comfort and ease,
'Tiger' showed courtesy,went with them,
Pretended to tell,'visit again please'.

Then he came back to his master,
Who was crying with pain and grief,
He brought a first-aid box for the victim,
Patting his master,to give him relief.

The master was so shocked, that next day,
He dragged the dog who was so smart,
Took him towards a nearby dense forest,
With full force, threw him out of his cart.

'You have learned too much of the text,
Your morals are great,your values are high,
I can not afford a super -soul like you,
So,I say- good-by, Mr.Gentleman Dog'!

Standing alone in the deep dense forest,
The dog thought amid the rain and fog,
It is a crime, if a dog acts like a man,
But what if the man acts like a dog?
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