ANIMAL KINGDOM (5)The Knowledge

Meeting was going on, in full swing,

They came to discuss a serious task,

All of them were domestic animals,

They had only one question to ask.


Why man is so superior animal?

How he became the master of all?

One time,he was among we animals,

What is mystery of this rise and fall?


An old parrot,told in serious tone,

"I eat chilly,man eats knowledge,

This food, he gets from the books,

This tasty food lies in every page."


Dog said, books make them great,

Cat was next to second this thought,

Horse jumped to praise the books,

And poor ass kept mum,among the lot


All domestic animals agreed to this-

That wild animals are crude and rude,

All domestic, are close to wise men,

Though man is dressed,they are nude.


Monkey was clever to steal the book,

For human race,he was next to kin,

Although theft was an evil,a crime,

For social- cause,he committed this sin.


A gentle cow was elected their leader,

They started learning, by reading  the book,

It covered topics of science and progress,

This stolen book gave a shining look.


All animals read and gained  knowledge,

They knew about earth,moon,and mars,

The book told them good deeds and faith,

 Life of great men,angles,devils and wars.


 Animals knew,why they remained animals,

And man reached from cave to moon,

Slavery became the poor animal's fate,

And knowledge was man's gifted boon.


But one day this happened by chance,

When a cow was near the reading-hall,

She saw a little girl dancing and laughing,

Playing merrily with a charming doll.


As usual, a heavy blast took place,

There was dust,darkness, everywhere,

Crowd,cry, calamity, filled the sky,

Death was dancing,in hell's fare.


The cow was filled with terror and shock,

Hardly she could see in chill and cool,

The laughing girl was nowhere seen,

The doll was laying in blood-pool.


Animal- leader cow was crying and weeping,

She was seeing the climax of knowledge,

For this, the man  conquered the earth?

For this,the man once left the forest and cage?


The cow saw the fallen reading-hall,

"Thanks God! animals are in animal-age"

She looked at the torn pages of the book,

And started eating, book of knowledge.




























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