ANIMAL KINGDOM (23)Mr.Gentle Ass

 ANIMAL KINGDOM  (23)  Mr. Gentle Ass



Meeting was going on in the club-house,

All animals agreed,nodded their skull,

Lion asked,"When man can be a gentleman,

Why animal cannot be gentle- animal ?"


All animals argued to win that title,

First, the lion said,"I am pure gentle,

I never kill anybody without hunger,

My prey comes to me,at his own will,"


Crocodile said,"I say-excuse me- at first,

And say-thank you,please-in the last,

I gently swallow the prey,without harm,

My gentle action is quick and fast."



The bear argued and claimed the title,

"When I meet people,I play with them,

Hug them,encircle them in my arms,

Alas ! They don't understand my game."


Between discussion, one name was cow,

She was common choice for gentleness,

 As universal law of meeting, objection came-

"Two terrific horns and gentle?-just guess."


Finally, agreement reached on one name ,

Ass was selected the most gentle creature,

Polite,sober,hard- working,obedient,calm,

With loud shaking voice,a solemn preacher.


Suddenly, a jackal tried to test his gentleness,

He pulled, twisted his tail-once,twice,thrice

The ass raised back leg,hammered hard hit,

 Bleeding jackal was thrown away-no choice.


The ass calmly said in sweet polite tone-

" Respected jackal sir,you fell in the dust,

 Sir,you lost four teeth, now kindly endorse-

-In gentleness race,Mr.Gentle Ass is the first."


                                                 (C) keshavdubey








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