ANIMAL KINGDOM (21) An Unknown Signature

ANIMAL KINGDOM (21) An Unknown Signature






  The female pigeon pushed her infant-    

"Yes--now jump--bravo--you can fly",

Seeing the ground from top of tree,

The little terrified squib just tried to cry.  


Mother put her paw on squib's head,

"My beloved son, fly-high, high-swing, 

We little creatures survive against odds,

 Creator has blessed us divine wings.''


The mother gave a blow, threw her son,

Desperate, little squib, dipped in space,

He struggled and looked at the ground,

A sure and certain death, he had to face.


At that moment, some miracle happened,

He opened his wings, and fluttered them,

First flight of life, and he kissed the earth,

He jumped proudly- now sky was his tame.


Up-flight, and he touched  his mother,

 Mother pigeon, hugged the little son,

Before she could talk, squib flew again,

Up and down, up and down, it was done.


And then, he flew towards another tree,

 From there, up and up in the open sky,

Sat on the branch of a  far distant one,    

His home, nest, mother-to all- good-bye.


Time passed on-evening, night, morn,

Touching  each other-the shadow of trees, 

Mother sat on seeds to feed his squab,

Spreading wings, to block cold breeze.


The squab is no squab-he is a pigeon,

He may be one among flock of pigeons,

The mother looks up for his home arrival,

Just to embrace, kiss, his son. only once.


He will never come back to his home,         

Mother will one day dissolve in Nature,

She will be soil, air, sky, forest, rain,

In son's heart, she be, unknown signature.



                                                     (C) keshavdubey


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