ANIMAL KINGDOM (20) The Good Luck


Animal Kingdom(20)The Good Luck


(when good-luck becomes a curse--)



He was the 'good luck' in person,

Live,dwelling fortune,for the family,

This best of luck; was in their trap,

Though,this old turtle seemed so silly.


The drawing-room was well decorated,

The show-case had mini bulb and fan,

His half-spoon diet was most hygienic,

This messenger of luck floated in vain.


'Feng-shui' has taught the myth,

That turtle is treasure so vast,so funny,

Long life,progress,health,happiness,

Turtle showers-heaps of money.


Thirty years had passed since then,

He had not seen the sun,in dome,

He did not remember color of sky,

This glass-showcase was his home.


Glass sheet divided it in two halves,

A female-turtle was in other section,.

Thirty years of platonic love erased,

When sudden death was 'her' last action.


This unknown,untouched life-partner,

Departed,left him.The empty half space,

Clean water surface,bubbles coming up,

His legs slipping on walls of show-case.


Turtles live long life-even hundred years,

Life was a curse for this 'lucky' creature,

Desperate, laid helpless,stopped eating,

Most unlucky was, this fortune preacher.


He is going to die,all symptoms are clear,

House owner will remove this show-case,

A mini gold turtle is bought, to shower 'LUCK',

His dead body will rest in pond-his native place.


Before death, last thought comes in his mind,

'I am going to my Creator,I will pray this feature-

"Why You bestowed all the fortune upon me?

Next time, kindly make me most unlucky creature."



                                                (C) keshavdubey


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Comments (2)

  1. stephaniejrobin

    This is wonderful poem about the animals and their luck which you cant find on online paper writing services. This wirds written in the poem are describing the thinking of the animals to some extent. Thanks for sharing this wonderful subject here with us.

    May 14, 2017
    1. keshavdubey

      Thank you for viewing my poem The Good Luck.

      May 16, 2017