ANIMAL KINGDOM(2) The Heart Transplant

A lion- king was very cruel,

Who ruled in a dense forest,

He had no mercy in his mind,

And no kindness in the chest.


He killed the animals for fun,

And perished them for his joy,

Dumb animals were puppet for him,

He treated them like a toy.


Once,a saint came to the forest,

And met with the lion and his wife,

 He taught him lesson of mercy,and love,

The saint told him the meaning of life.


The lion at-once decided to change,

-To become a kind-hearted creature,

The saint had shaken his soul,

He was  impressed with this teacher.


"Arrange for my heart-transplant"-

A lamb's noble heart was brought,

Long search was made for this,

Lamb's heart was the best among the lot.


Operation was done,all felt relief,

-"Now our king is gentle and kind,

Among all the forests and valleys,

Such gentle lion-you cannot find"



The news was spread in the air,

-Lion-king has changed his heart,

He is kind,gentle,a pure vegetarian,

Like a blooming rose in golden cart.


Once,by chance,a goat came to him,

Entered his palace without fear,

And put-up a letter for his favor,

Lion smiled,"Come on dear-come near".


The lion gazed at him with sharp eyes,

Thoughts floating in his mind's boat,

First moment,second moment,third moment,

He jumped,caught,and killed the goat.


All animals cried with fear and terror.

"What happened to you!Why you killed?

You are such great sober,gentle king-

We are terrified ,we are thrilled.


The lion-king said in calm and cool voice,

"I am sorry,but I am helpless,dear brother,

No doubt my heart -transplant is done,

And the cruel heart is replaced with another,


Heart is changed,but my blood is the same,

Blood-that the pump-the heart, is pumping,

'Leave,leave'-the poor heart appealed,

'Kill and eat'-cried the hungry blood, jumping.


It is easy to change the principles and ruling,

It is very hard to change the system's mesh,

In any system, it is easy to change from A to Z,

But what to do with infinite 'dot' to ' dash '?



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