ANIMAL KINGDOM (19) Price Of Liberty

Animal Kingdom (19)Price Of Liberty



The parrot swiftly came out of cage,

It was just the mischief of little girl,

Who had left the cage-door open,

And the passage-she did not furl.


Parrot put one step,swinging, beak,

He moved in darkness,took a sigh,

Again and again looked at the cage,

His home:and ahead-limitless sky.


"Mummy,Papa,Baby--Good morn",,

All the words he recited,till now,

-The neat,charming cage,tasty food-

An unknown thread pulled, anyhow.


He did not remember,his birth place,

He had only seen the bars around,

No birds are born in the metal cage,

In prison,so-called heaven is found.


He came out of the house in dark,

Tried to spread his wings,fluttered,

Looked at the sky, peak of the trees,

Tried-tried,but failed to fly like a bird.


He was horrified-will he survive?

Will he be prey,without, inert feather? 

Will parrots on the trees,accept him?

Will he remain a crawling creature? 


He stopped, looked back for a moment,

Luxurious life- beyond imagination of birds,

What he had to pay for all this comfort?

Only to recite and repeat his master's words.


What does a shining,beautiful cage demand ?

Listen,obey,follow,and enjoy everything,

Learn ,repeat, what your master teaches you,

Only surrender your flight,forget your wing.


Glorious life was calling back,in the cage,

Darkness,death,misery,was laying ahead,

Span of life,laid before parrot's tired eyes,

Only one choice-what was good or bad.?


Suddenly,a moment flashed-he was born FREE,

Radiance from sky had then kissed his eyes.

Yes-he will pay this extreme price of liberty,

No cage - free earth,under sky, when he dies.





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