ANIMAL KINGDOM (17) Game Goes On



ANIMAL KINGDOM (17) Game Goes On



 Storm,thunder, and fury had gone,

In dark coffin,the forest laid,

Forest,, once was dreamland,heaven,

Where, hurricane had made violent raid.


Fallen trees paid mournful homage,

Angry river had broken it's barrier,

Scattered shadows jumped on water,

Dead silence echoed, created the fear.


Motionless bodies of animals laid,

One-two-vultures flew in the dark,

Frightened beer peeped out of den,

Dog opened mouth,forgot to bark.


An injured doe ran,jumped in vain,

With hard labor,misery;blindfold, 

Here and there,aimless,wandering,

Shivering with pain,terror, and cold..


A moment flash-a thunderbolt in sky,

She saw mad river:nearer she went,

Wounded,horrified,for want of water,

Struggling for life-she was pregnant.


The doe fell in mud-calm,desperate,

Gave birth to a tiny, little fawn,

With all efforts opened her eyes,

Saw the new -born,in light of dawn.


First light revealed to eyes of fawn-

-He saw the smile of the dove, dying,

Death,disaster,all was-meaningless,

New-born saw a single tiny bird, flying.


He tried to stand,fell down in the mud,

Again,he tried,but he could not stand,

Again,and again --slipping in the mud,

He tried to firm his foot on the land.


Little fawn was alone under the sky,

Furious mother-nature was now kind,

Tender sun-light was kissing his eyes,

Bright reel of life,was going to rewind.


Mud-clad fawn had only divine WILL ,

WILL-that spreads arms, for creature,

One is the god- gifted, mental- strength ,

Other arm is the golden path of future.


The fawn will try and try--and try again,

He will stand up on his legs,and will run,

The cycle-life and death chase each other,

life wins,game goes on-it is nature's fun .


                                             (C) keshavdubey


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