ANIMAL KINGDOM (16) Mad,mad--mad world

 ANIMAL KINGDOM (16) Mad,mad-.mad world


(ANIMAL KINGDOM--"Human behavior and life in the mirror of animal-kingdom" )



A jackal ate an unknown herb,

He lost senses,and became mad,

Started, biting others, forest animals,

Shouting with all power,that he had.


"I am supreme,follow me,listen to me,

 I will rule the forest-,my doctrine,

My law,my principles,my commands,

Throw all other things in dust-bin."



"Men took centuries to develop it-

This silly, rotten,idea of humanism,

In the forest law,I reject,discard it,

Now,I coin the new word-' Animalism'."


Animals ignored jackal,but feared,

What will happen-if jackal will bite,

He will bite,will inject his poison,

With such mad animal,how to fight?


The lion ran away seeing mad jackal,

Elephant changed his path to escape,

His near and dear, ran away in fear,

Everybody wanted himself to save.


Jackal became a terror in the forest,

Madness was his power, to others-

Biting was his sole weapon,thunder,

Against frightened children and mothers.


He once climbed a mountain peak,

And started shouting with full force,

"Obey my command,blindly follow me,

You are safe,only if you endorse me."


His voice echoed, but no reply came,

With extreme anger,he pressed teeth,

And forgot,his tongue was in between,

His tongue was cut,which fell beneath.


The climax of madness,and he jumped,

Fell straight, from the top of mountain,

He forcefully hit the land,and died,

With a wish to reform forest,once again.


A Bird told the animals gathered,later on-

"Right?all animals have bent on their knee,"

The jackal had told ",Now I am going-

 Mad,mad,mad- mad world is not made for me."


                                                          (c) keshavdubey


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