ANIMAL KINGDOM (15) The Wildest Creature

ANIMAL KINGDOM (15) The Wildest Creature



The lion looked at the sign-board,

In bold letters, a warning was written,

"This forest is the Protected Zone,

Hunting animals is strictly forbidden."


The old lion's son jumped with joy,

"Y-e Dad, we are now safe and secure,

No hunt,no gun,no threat, no killing,

No shadow of terror, now-it is sure.


All animals will live without threat to life,

The Jungle Book will have no red spot,

No lion will be shot for fake bravery,

No bullet,no trap,nobody to be caught."


The old father kept mum,took a sigh-

Can you convince the young generation?

Tide of youth and vigor,breaks barriers,

Span of age prevents:,youth ignites passion.


The old worried lion said,"Be cautious,

Don't believe this super civilized race,

Animals struggle for hunger and survival,

Men kill for joy,ego,power and grace."


And one day with the incoming dawn,

When red rays flashed on sign-board,

Dead body of young lion laid nearby,

Forming red blood-pool on the road.



Bullet had tarnished his faith in humanity,

Trespasser had killed the young for fun,

The old lion stood nearby like a statue,

'Protected Zone' had taken away his son.


The lion said with tears and grief in his eyes,

"We are rude animals,wildness is our feature,

But they live in cement-concrete Jungles,

Who will tell,who is the wildest creature?"


                                           (c) keshavdubey


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