ANIMAL KINGDOM (14) Fly,fly----and fly

ANIMAL KINGDOM (14) Fly, fly,----and FLY



She was a beautiful hen,

Little female of pigeon,

Was hatching her egg,

Imagined her dream vision-


-' Little pigeon will come out,

She will feed in his beak,

She will guard him day-night,

New-born will be too weak.


She will teach him to fly,

Up above; in the forest,

Rivers, and mountain peak,

Above trees,earth's chest.'


But destiny played it's role,

A pipe's blow-and nest fell,

To hit the ground from height,

Her heaven dropped into hell .


Her dream- egg was broken,

Nest became a  trash heap,

She was dumb and shocked,

Tried; but she could not weep.


White-washing was going on,

New building shined with proud,

'Heaven's Garden' reflected beauty,

How a dirty nest,there, be allowed ?


She gently touched the wet straw,

Is it so hard to live- to survive?

Human hands are so potent, so cruel?

They may feed,they may deprive?


Fury of mother Nature ends the life,

Eagle targets her from long distance,

Snake tries to trace her innocent eggs,

All around her,death spreads a fence.


She makes the nest with hard labor,

Storm ruins it with vigor,blind force,

One life-one death, balance on beam,

Destiny writes,creature has to endorse.


-Death stretches it's arm in hundred ways,

She took a deep sigh,looked at the sky,

A thin flash of life,called-'the only option,

Death is chasing you ; fly,fly--and FLY.'



                                                                           (C) keshavdubey



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