ANIMAL KINGDOM (12) Who Is This "HE"




 ANIMAL KINGDOM (12) Who  Is This HE ?


Animals were filled with grief and sorrow,

They all were weeping and crying,

To show their love to departed king,

In their own way,they were trying.


The old lion-king had passed-away,

Condolence meeting started in the forest,

Clever jackal was most favorite to king,

In king's lobby,he was nearest-the best.


Jackal wept, and wept, and told the mass ,

How dutiful and faithful he was,

How he tried to give-up his life,

How he was devoted to lion's cause.


Jackal's wife was among the crowd,

Full of  emotions,she was very sad,

For her,her husband was so nice,

Who worshiped the dead,like his dad.


After the meeting,jackal came home,

Wife, praised for his loyalty to the king,

"All courtiers loved and praised the soul,

But you were the foremost in the ring".


"Our lion- king was the great ruler,

All animals were weeping for him,

He will always shine as bright star,

His fame and glory will never be dim."


Jackal paid no attention to her,

He was thinking about the next king-

'-Who would be the next king,

How he will enter his inner-wing.'


'How to manage with all efforts,

How to help the NEW;:hunting animals,

How to praise, every morn and evening,

And flatter new lioness, at intervals.


Kings die but their tail remains,

Jackals jump from one to next,

Their hanging tail is way to success,

Let the dead king, lie in rest.


His wife was talking, and talking non-stop-

"The late king ruled from north to south,

He was noble, he was gentle,he was kind--"

Jackal put his palm on the wife's mouth.


Flash of shrewd smile came on jackal's face,

Then turned innocent,he said,bent on knee,

"--He--he--he--you are reciting my dear,

I don't know, who is this damn HE."


                                                 (C) keshavdubey



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