ANIMAL KINGDOM (10) The Beauty Contest

                                                   The Beauty Contest



It was a grand function in the forest,

All animals gathered to see the same,

A beauty-contest was going on there,

To win,many forest-beauties came.


The old lion- king was the chief judge,

Who had the weak sight due to age,

He wore thick glasses above his nose,

Seeing beauties,remembered his days.


A young mare first appeared on the stage,

Danced,walked,with firm steps, without fail,

The lusty bear whispered in jackal's ear,

 Ha! see that pony,her twist,her pony- tail.


Next came a doe-her round pretty eyes,

Watched awfully,moving around his head,

Fox said-What the hell beauty-silly doe,

So much nervous,trembling legs-Is she mad?


Suddenly,miss- elephant came on the stage,

Animals were shocked-with terror and tension

Monkey could not estimate her figure on finger,,

O God! Half K--One K--Half K,the dimension.


After that heap of beauty,came the slim, shy cat,

Without noise, cautious, she was the day-talk,

Pointing her eyes,without noise, as if  catching a rat,

The judge cried,"Wonderful--perfect CAT-WALK"


At that moment,the function disturbed abruptly,

A lioness came there, roaring,"Shame on your age,."

Wife of the judge pulled the ear of the old judge,

Slapped,dragged, and took him towards the cage.


The old lion-king sat dumb,lowering his head,

His wife was crying,"You, rotten,silly,creature,

You arrange beauty-contest of female-animals,

Animals have morals-and you, the King, a teacher."


"Thousands of animals live in this vast forest,

Our bodies are nude,but not thoughts and mind,

None thinks of any female except her own,

Among nude animals,nudity you cannot find."


"Can you measure beauty in inch and tape?

Can you limit it to brand, body,face,what it be?

See our kids,the essence of everlasting beauty,

My old chap,I am your lioness,look at me."


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