There was a lion-king,

Who lived in the forest,

Among all  animals-, he thought,

 He was better than the best.


Once, a hunter  came to his empire,

 With alert mind,and loaded gun,

 Wandering was  the hobby for him,

 And  hunting  was his fun.


It  was  just  by-chance,

 A sudden turn , they took,

 Hunter with the pointed gun,

 And  lion  with  the furious look.


 To shoot the lion in one shot ,

 The hunter aimed at his head,

 The lion freezed  with fear-

 One bullet-and he was dead.


 O- GOD! but there was none,

 Only a shadow  took the shape,

 And  whispered  in his ears,

 In  crisis; how to escape.


 The  lion took a quick a U-turn,

 With  firm steps  moved backwards,

 Head bent down between legs-

 Following the shadow’s  words.


 The hunter  thrilled and shook,

 His body filled with sweat,

 With back-steps the lion was coming,

 A firm and fair retreat.


  The hunter cried with terror,

“I can shoot the lion without fail,

 But where is the head to target?

 Only there is the dancing tail”.


 The lion moved firmly backwards,

 His target was one-and only one,

 With full force,he jumped  on the hunter,

 Who was  shaking his gun.


The  lion ate him at- once,

 Hunter was his gifted  prize,

 -‘Hidden head and dancing tail’

 The shadow’s idea was very nice.


 The same shadow appeared again,

And said,”This lesson you  should learn,                                                               

 I am POLITICIANS,I teach you,

 When in trouble,take  the U-TURN                                                           28-12-2014







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